Gin & Hedonic Tonic with organic limes
Organic Lemongrass at the farm
Gin & Hedonic Tonic
Gin & Hedonic Tonic

Drink fads come and go, but this one is here to stay

Made locally in small batches by hand using quality and organic ingredients, Hedonic Tonic is a perfect accompaniment to a favorite spirit (hence the classic Gin & Tonic),  or on its own mixed with bubbly seltzer water and a slice of lime.   Wonderfully refreshing on a hot day…or any day!

In addition to sprucing up a beverage, Hedonic Tonic has been an ingredient in other culinary realms.

“I’ve heard of all kinds of unusual treats made using the tonic syrup,” says Jill Malouf,  founder and owner of Hedonic Tonic LLC.  “From a drizzle on a scoop of ice cream to salad dressing.  It’s quite wondrous and creative as to what the tonic can be incorporated into.”

No high fructose corn syrup.  No white sugar.  No GMOs.  Great ingredients make for a great product.  The lemongrass, grown locally at Nine Mile Farm in Delmar, NY and harvested by Jill, is some of the largest, most fragrant and delectable out there.  


What are you waiting for?  Pick up a bottle or enjoy a cocktail at your soon-to-be favorite watering hole today!