All recipes are merely suggestions.  Feel free to create your own concoctions with or without alcohol.  

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The Fab Hedonic Gin & Tonic

2oz dry gin

1/2oz Hedonic Tonic

3oz plain seltzer water

Lime squeeze & slice

In a 6oz glass,

combine over ice. 

Stir, sip, repeat.

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The Epicurean Old Fashioned

2oz rye or bourbon

1oz Epicurean Elixir

2 dashed Angostura Bitters

Small slice orange peel

1 real maraschino cherry

Combine EE & bitters, stir.

Fill glass with ice, add spirit.

Squeeze orange peel over glass, add.  Stir several times.  Garnish with that real cherry.

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A Simple Spruce & Gin

2oz dry gin

1/2oz Simply Spruce

Splash fresh lemon juice

*A crack of black pepper

3oz plain seltzer water

Lemon wedge

In a 6oz glass,

combine over ice.

Stir.  Yum.

*although optional, pepper

adds a nice bite 

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Hedonic Crème Brûlée

Honestly, this recipe is better listened to!  

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.38.36

Juniper berries, cream, eggs,

sugar and Hedonic Tonic!

How can you go wrong?

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Ric Orlando's Bourbon Tang

2oz bourbon (Maker's Mark, Elijah Craig or equivalent)

1/2oz Epicurean Elixir

1tsp (1/3oz) apple cider vinegar (yes, that's right)

Club soda or plain seltzer

Orange wedge

Pour bourbon, EE, ACV over ice, stir.

Add equal amount of club or seltzer.

Add orange. Ahhhhh!